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Submission Guidelines

Bewitch Us.  Bother Us. Bewilder Us.

Gingerbread House is dedicated to publishing quality poetry & fiction with a magical element.  Take your fairy tale and twist it.  Bend your fantasy to suit your needs.  Be original and fresh, loose and lovely.

What we  want:  Stories that we’ve never seen before.  No fan fiction of any sort.  No sword & sorcery.  Definitely nothing racist or pornographic.  We’re not particularly into sci-fi–and we do not publish children’s stories. Retellings are fine, but should offer a new spin.

Our favorite writing is along the lines of Aimee Bender, Steven Millhauser, Alice Hoffman, Karen Joy Fowler, and Kelly Link.  We lean toward the literary, but are open to anything well written.

We publish issues six times a year, every other month.


Please send an email with a brief bio and your submissions in a doc or docx attachment to Do not put your submission in the body of your email.  Please submit all work in a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) attachment.  

Your cover letter (intro and brief bio) should be in the body of your email. Please put “Submission-Genre-LastName” as your subject line.

Send only one submission in one genre at a time, and wait for a response before you submit additional work. Simultaneous submissions are welcome; multiple submissions are not. If your work is accepted elsewhere, we’ll congratulate you, but please let us know immediately  (this is common courtesy) via

We do not accept previously published material.  This includes any electronic form (blog, Facebook post, online zine), print journals, or books.

We do not accept translations. This may change, please check back.

We read from January 15th-October 15th and our response time will generally be between 3-6 months, although sometimes it is regrettably longer. Please wait at least six months to query about your submission status.

We wish we could pay our contributors but at this time are unable to do so.

We acquire First North American serial rights. Rights then revert to the author upon publication. We only ask that we be acknowledged in future reprints of the work.

General inquiries can be addressed to Christine Butterworth-McDermott, Head Editor.


Submit up to five poems. Please use standard font and formatting (single-spaced, unless it’s a stylistic choice). Please include your entire submission in one file (doc or docx), page break between poems.


Submit up to three flash pieces in a single file, page breaks between pieces.  You make the call as to whether it’s poetry or fiction.  If it’s well written, we’ll consider it, regardless of definition.


All fiction should be double-spaced, in standard formatting and font.  Word count is limited to 3500 words. Please include the word count of your piece either in your email or on the submission itself (first page).  The story must contain a magical/folkloric/fairytale element.  If you see a story longer than that in Gingerbread House, it means we solicited that story or accepted it prior to Issue 20.


We are now accepting Creative Nonfiction with a fairytale or folktale element. All creative nonfiction should be double-spaced, in standard formatting and font.  Word count is limited to 2000 words. Please include the word count of your piece either in your email or on the submission itself (first page). 


All artwork for Gingerbread House Literary Magazine is solicited after we’ve chosen the fiction and poetry for each issue. Acceptance to Gingerbread House does mean that you give us the freedom to choose the art to enhance your piece as we see fit. Please address all inquiries regarding images to Ms. M. Brett Gaffney, our art director at  

All images are used by permission and/or are in the public domain.

We acknowledge all artists and link to their website, or email.

We unfortunately cannot offer payment, but art will receive exposure for two months, before it is archived on our site.  All rights are the artist’s.  The artist retains copyright and full ownership of the images. 

Thank you so much for your interest in Gingerbread House Literary Magazine.

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