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To Find a Stranger in Your Home

When the three bears returned
from a family trip to Sea World,
they found their fridge raided,
furniture tainted and their T.V. gone.

The police took a statement,
but didn’t put much stock
in the description because
everyone knows bears are colorblind.

Classified as “low priority,”
this “Goldilocks” wasn’t likely
to return; the bears should get some sleep.
At midnight’s strike, every light

in the house is on.
Papa Bear sits in his lazy-boy
a loaded shot gun in his claws.

Mama weeps as she washes dishes
feeding leftover porridge
into the disposal.

Baby Bear hides in his closet,
his superman night light illuminating
his room and the bed he refuses
to sleep in.

<em>Jennifer Berry

Jennifer Berry lives in Elkhart, Texas with her husband and four legged, furry children. Her love of fairy tales comes from a childhood of reading classic fables and watching Disney films. It is the dark revelation of life, contrasted against a sugary sweet “happily ever after” that intrigues her and has influenced her writing in a significant way.

Photo Credit: Jan Gaffney

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