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Big Sister

I will swallow your holey bucket of needs{yes}
And fill it twice a minute{yes}

I will move this mountain pass{yes}
Circumsnake the lakes of your fears{yes}

I will hollow the horse of my desire{yes}
Shield yours from frost in a bone house{yes}

In return, you must never say /no
When I ask, I don’t wanna hear /no

Build a bird nest of your golden hair /no
Drink this. The specks are only pepper /no

Let me feed you smooth white pebbles /no
Five drops of blood from your thumb pad /no

         for yes, always yes, forever{yes}

And for /no?
         The special torture of my indifference


Dayna Patterson

Dayna Patterson’s chapbooks, Loose Threads and Mothering, are available from Flutter Press. Her creative work has appeared or is forthcoming in Clover, Literary Mama, North American Review, Red River Review, and Weave, among others. She is the mother of two and Poetry Editor for Psaltery & Lyre.

Artwork: Will Hackney, “Orion’s Belt” goes live soon

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