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The Birth of Amar

The Moon walked along the coast
in the same white lace her mother wore
the night she was born.

While the tide was still low,
the Moon lay down, bruising
the wet sand beneath her.

As her pulse quickened, so did the tide.
The foam billowed about ankles.
Her toes dug into the sand.

In prayer, her hands clasped the hem of her dress.
Her voice became fleshtoned,
her knees bent, and the waves ran red.

The Moon knew by instinct to do all of this.
She felt as if she had watched herself
from the distance of the stars through a zoetrope .

The daughter of the Moon was born underwater.
Amar was whispered unto her mother,
the syllables filled her like a sonata.

Roberto F. Santiago

Roberto F. Santiago received his MFA from Rutgers University, and BA from Sarah Lawrence College. He is the recipient of the 2011 Alfred C. Carey Prize for Poetry. Currently, he works as Lead Academic Advisor at a high school in the South Bronx. Travel has also greatly influenced Roberto as a poet. Be it pedaling past the canals in Amsterdam or the smell of rain in rural Québec, he has begun to rewrite his own passport. Roberto also writes and produces his own music, and has been known to dance until he rips his pants. His first full-length collection of poems, Angel Park, will be released April 2015 on Lethe Press.

Artwork: Christian Schloe,  “Meet the Moon”


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