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–M. Robert-Houdin, 1843

My addled thumbs useless now
for clockwork, I dream her

in the air: bridal lilacs,
our birdsong spring,

how she’d call to me, teasing,
from the back-shop room.

Grief too has wiles, dark
and alone, a throat I hollow

with wire. The wings, the song
mechanical—See! She perches

on my fist! Tamed
to a tiny forever, in fact she’s not

quite true. Still we smile, the baby
and I, her perfect trills so soothing.

Diane Unterweger


Diane Unterweger lives in Wisconsin. Her poetry has recently appeared in Naugatuck River Review, Blast Furnace, Sugar House Review, and Verse Wisconsin.

Artwork: Christian Schloe, “The Visitor”


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