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A sign of good fortune

Chocolate and warts don’t mix.
Everybody knows that, but they don’t say.

If you find yourself with a bad case of love-sickness,
bathe with honey and lavender to keep your skin smooth,
and rinse your hair with lemon for shine.

The best intentions, mixed with rosemary, may surely go wrong,
but spread them evenly with sage to counteract any evil.

Coins from a dead man’s eyes will show your future,
but don’t look too closely or you might not recognize yourself.

Black birds are omens of good or bad fortune,
depending on what you believe.

Drink peppermint tea for an upset stomach
and eat cayenne pepper for indigestion.

Watch the moon for signs of luck.
Keep a hive of bees on your property for prosperity.

When all else fails, light a candle
and say a prayer.

Melanie Walker


Melanie Walker is a Utah-native living in Georgia. She received her BA in English from Weber State University. She enjoys reading, writing, photography, and hiking as well as spending time with her family and pet, KitKat.

Artwork: Natalia Drepina

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