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Little Red Cap

I bend my Cardinal’s rim and conceal
my smirk as I tentatively enter
Mrs. Robinson’s suburban home. Deal
was if I did what she said, she’d mentor
me in the ways of sex appeal. That was
months ago. Now I’m a visceral beast:
consuming her. The appetite same as
what she wanted for me: gluttons released.

What big eyes you have. The better to see
you with. What big arms you have. The better
to hold you with. And that big mouth, sweetie?
Ah, the better to eat you with. Pleasure

palpable between her thighs, I wonder
whether I can ever shake her hunger.

Ashton Nicole Allen


Ashton Nicole Allen holds a BFA in Creative Writing from Stephen F. Austin State University. Her work has appeared in Psaltery and Lyre, The Blue Route, and others.

Artwork:  Jonny Ruzzo

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