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We fear the growth of weeds,
pour deadly potions on exotic leaves.

Still, crown vetch takes the walkway
when our magic weapons fail.

Dandelions crack roads to rubble;
bindweed splits the cobbled walls.

Black thorns rise over rooftops,
trapping us in a botanical dream.

No prince hacks through the briars.
No princess sleeps at the spindle.

Donna M. Davis


Donna M. Davis is a central New York poet and former English teacher who owns a business specializing in book design, resume writing, and editing services. Her poetry has been published in Third Wednesday, Red Fez, Red River Review, Ilya’s Honey, Halcyon Magazine, Oddball Magazine, The Milo Review, The Centrifugal Eye, Comstock Review, Poetpourri, Latitudes, and others.  She was a special merit winner in one of Comstock Review’s annual awards contests and captured second place in one of Poetpourri‘s national awards contests.  In 2015, she produced a chapbook titled Several Ways to Look at the Stars.

Artwork: Natalia Drepina

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