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Brother and Sister

You left me from the start,
eager to test newfound speed in the chase
as you teased the huntsmen
to race you through the moors
and into the woods’ heart.

How could you have betrayed me,
brother dear,
after I saved you from that savage curse,
a lust for bloody wounds,
the taste of terror bloomed?

Yet you led that bright king
and his coursing pack straight to my front door,
leaving me to suffer,
not knowing you were bait
in a trap set to spring.

How could you have failed to see,
brother dear,
the reflection revealing roles reversed,
a wolf to defend her,
a red stag’s surrender?

You never guessed my part,
the chill pursuit of predator and prey.
Transformation complete,
I hunger for men’s blood
and secrets of the hart.

Carina Bissett

Carina Bissett is a writer, poet, and educator working primarily in the fields of speculative fiction and interstitial art. Her short fiction and poetry has been published in multiple journals and anthologies including the Journal of Mythic Arts, Mythic Delirium, NonBinary Review, Timeless Tales, and The Horror ‘Zine. For links to stories and poems, stop by

Artwork: Laura Makabresku, “Lovers”

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