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Frog Children

I don’t have enough moon today

the girl says
like an apple tree
reddening in the middle
of a creekbed
     the spot
     where polywogs wake up
and untail

It squirms
from the darkest terrine
of her:
clamped in the cupboard
beneath the stairs
a fermented stew
of herself fashioned
from organs
        the bloody kind
        not the kind
        her sister plays in church –

with the sheen of notes
on paper, sullen summer
handwriting dipped
in bee pollen: no

this was delivered
to a boy jumping back heels
over chin across checkered
picnic spread into murk.

He replies when he arrives
at the top for air

I get it.

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee is an associate professor of literature, fiction writing, and composition at Daytona State College on the coast of Florida.  For the past three years, she has served as one of the poetry editors for Rivet: The Journal of Writing That Risks, based in San Francisco. She has published across genres, but most recently, was published in the anthology, All We Can Hold, by Sage Hill Press and in the anthology, Love: A Collection of Poetry and Prose.  Some of her recent fiction and poetry is online at Animal Literary Magazine, The Vignette Review, and The Citron Review

Artist: Rob Woodcox

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