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Tower of Myth

What if the tower fell and took the stars? People line up to touch its cold gravity. They crowd around the top of it pressing ears to hear the last song on Earth. Villagers from the other side of the long fence arrive with rope and pulleys. The mayor whom up until now had never revealed its face removes its mask. An architect immediately goes to a drafting table, unrolls blueprints that have already begun to disappear in his hand. Outside, someone walks off with a small piece of the obelisk. In the distance banners proclaim a warning in symbols nobody’s ever seen. Feral twins carry instruments made from the bones of peacocks. A storm brews. A man cries out to the sky. A child sits on the roof of a farmhouse writing down everything he sees.

Lenny DellaRocca

Lenny DellaRocca has had poems in numerous literary magazines including: Poet Lore, Poetrybay, Albatross, 2River view, Fairy Tale Review, Chiron Review, Seattle Review, POEM, Laurel Review, Apalachee Review and Nimrod. His chapbook, The Sleep Talker, is available at Night Ballet Press. His latest collection, Blood and Gypsies is available from Anaphora Literary Press. DellaRocca is founder and publisher of South Florida Poetry Journal- SoFloPoJo and Interview With a Poet both at

Artist: Christian Schloe, “Enter the Sky”

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