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On Being Eighteen at the Treasure Coast

Now, we take the sun, all of it.
It lights up our insides; the smoke reaches our brains

and leaves us wide eyed and dazed
with no plans, we draw smiley faces

on our arms before we lounge around
the tranquil shores of the Treasure Coast

where even the storm clouds
smell like cannabis and lavender.

No money in our pockets;
it’s cheap to be young

when magic is everywhere
and we long for an escape

into sandy corners that glow
from the heat of a never-ending summer.

Alexi Milano 

Alexi Milano is a writer and illustrator born in New York, raised in South Florida.  Her poetry has appeared in Red FezIn Between Hangovers, Poppy RoadBlack Poppy Review, Founder’s Favourites, and Poems-For-All.   She is Co-Editor at Varnish Journal.  She is currently working on a web-comic about a teenage girl and her dog where she lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Artwork: Katherine Fraser, Real Estate






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