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The Old Gods

Hermes, retired from his route and baffled by email,
Spends his days strolling around the block with Apollo.

Radiant, fading Aphrodite burns away her weeks awaiting Eros’ next visit.

The seraphim have buried their swords in the vegetable garden
And taken up watercolors or basketry.

Coyote wanders the cafeteria,
Loosening salt-shaker lids and goosing the occasional nurse.

Odin long ago cut his ravens’ jesses
And swapped his wisdom for a glass eye.

Osiris reads the obituaries aloud, laughing without mirth,
While on the battered couch beside him Isis fills in her crossword,
Ignoring him except to consult on the odd clue.

In a quiet corner room of the home,
Gilgamesh smiles a vinegar smile;
He has joined their ruined club at last.

Eric Butler

Eric Butler is a graduate student and writer from Portland, Oregon. His work has previously appeared in ThemaRock Creek Review, and Camas.

Artwork: Tamara de Lempicka, Beggar with Mandolin, 1935.

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