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In The City of Spring

Alleys and paths twist
         An artery of cherry blossoms
         Acrobats and applause
         A pulse
Under the clamor of vendors
         promising fresh elixirs
         life renewed.

A hound nudges my legs
          fur well-worn by affectionate hands.
Through a parting of people
I see the seed stalls
          lines grown long as
          ivy and vines
          wreathing the square.

Time ticks on in
The clock tower’s clear tones
          hands whirling
          hourglasses flipping
          sand slipping
I would reach out and grasp it
Hold time and
Stay lost

Russell F. Hirsch

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Russell F. Hirsch has published in Geist and The Nashwaak Review and has forthcoming work in Mirror Dance and the Flashes of Fantasy anthology. He also authors a weekly online fairy tale-themed newspaper, The Once Upon A Times. You can learn more about him at

Artwork: sugarmints, missing spring

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