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Looking Closely into the Room

A vase a lamp a shade on the lamp with pink
that looks like it should be wallpaper
a forest    a window view   a stream through light dirt
turning edges of stream         into mudwater
mudwater darker                           than regular water
hiking                        emerging from flowered plants
from unflowered plants              from thorned plants
from the plants                           from    from    from
a breath imagined from bees     do bees breathe    where do they breathe from
bees and then a tree with insects—          assorted insects
a pair of green assorted insects      a pair of black-green assorted insects
black-purple assorted insects                                          and birds so many
birds glossy        and furry      and small big and birdlike
seeds in shapes     for birds    and meals    for birds    and water   for birds
and sunshine and air     for birds.

Gina Olson

Gina Olson is a Jacksonville, Florida native who enjoys reading, writing, walking in nature, and drinking tea. Her work has recently appeared in Consequence. Olson received her MFA in Creative Writing from Adelphi University.

Artwork: Lara Zankoul

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