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fumbling in wet-dark
my fingers are rotting:
to give the girl gold and gold and gold

because I can’t speak
like Will or Petrarch,
she tells everyone that I threatened her child

a girl of fresh pearl-cheek
I could not have made
with these calloused hands, with these dark hollow eyes

they spy me, threadbare
think, ​there’s one in need;
he must have done evil to end up like that

it began with a phonecall
at three in the morning
she was crying again, I knew I was needed

spin harder, give more
turn our yarn into truth
we’ll give you fair payment, just not yet, not yet

out in the night
to fix all her wrongs
I leave my sheets rumpled, and hope to return

the invites are rare these days
sparse, cold and brief
like foxes in snowdrifts, I take what I can

so I go to work for her
summon a house
of straw and of stone and of tall castle peaks

a white winter hymnal
accompany me
my hands and their voices spinning fresh songs

now her need has waned and
I drink the spilt milk
in hope of the honour to see her grow up

it ends with a message
a voicemail left dry
she’s keeping her daughter, and I’m done, I’m done

Darcy Isla

Darcy Isla (she/they) is a queer, bisexual writer-performer of mixed British and Asian heritage, based in the UK. She is inspired by magic realism and domestic beauty; writers like Leilah Jane King and Angela Readman. She is a co-founder and co-host of Sonnet Sisters. Her existing works of poetry, fiction, and memoir include Love, Alberta – love notes; Wayside; 100 Friggin’ Poems; It’s Ok To Fall For Camp Boys; Little Irritants. Her work has also been featured on Alpha Female Society, Forever Endeavour and 330 Words.

Artwork: Minjae Lee, Blooming

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