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A Promise To Rapunzel

How do you grieve for someone that you never knew?
I have too many sad days for laying lilies
For mourning babies I never birthed
So I am made up of what is not there—
A fine filigree of snags and tangles
This child is only thirteen weeks made
She has no color—no name just for her
So how can I call her in the dark places?
I swear this time she will stick
Yes this baby I will keep—my bitter womb
Will be satiated by her breath
I will hide her under the arch of my eyebrow
And nurse her heart with mine in the cage of my ribs
I will fix her to the roots of my hair and let it grow long
And weave her into the lifeline on my hands
I will grow a rolling mound of softish shelter
And suck down sweetish rampion to gild her cheeks
I will fill my mouth with her name
And whisper tales I did not know before
About how I spun the moon’s line of fate
To keep her safe

Adele Evershed

Adele Evershed writes prose, poetry and Panto scripts often inspired by fairytales that she loved as a child in Wales. Her poetry has been published in Three Drops from a Cauldron, Rainbow Poems, Connecticut Bards Southwest Poetry Review 2020, and by Didcot Writers. She has work in upcoming publications Winter 2020 published by Other Worldly Women Press and Mingled Voices 5 published by Proverse Publishing.

Artwork: Caryn Drexl

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