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girl without hands

in this version
he didn’t know

his daughter was sitting
among the little apples

when he traded
the tree

its fruit
(his daughter)

to the devil
it is the devil

who makes
the poor father

take the axe
and axe

off her too
good hands

but the father
knew the tree

he traded
was his

too in many

places a tree
was planted

with a birth
and flourished

or withered
with its child

someone here
switched the fruit

apple trees
were planted

with boys pears
with girls

remember how
the father

who is sometimes
the brother

would have
married her

had she not
had her hands

and offered

on a silver platter
many believed

a woman
missing a

part was not
a whole

and could
not marry

what is

the idea
of a virgin

but a

the prince
gives her

golden hands
they are heavy

and hard
to keep warm

Millie Tullis

Millie Tullis is a poet and folklorists from Northern Utah. She received an MFA from George Mason University in 2021. Her work has been published in Sugar House Review, Rock & Sling, Cimarron Review, Ninth Letter, and elsewhere. She serves as the Assistant Editor for Best of the Net and reads for Poetry Daily.

Artwork: Natalia Drepina, Raw air embroidering strange patterns on pale skin

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