Gingerbread House Lit Mag

We imagine to hunt. . .

We imagine to hunt & forage
on the sandy streambank,
to follow the paved path
& burst out through the trees.
But the Fox Mother
has shown us her teeth,
taught us to be,
to peel away
with claw & fang.

We are not the same
savages we once were
in the waving honey-leaves.
in this bronze wood
we are silent & broken,
our time of golden trees
has passed.

Krista Canterbury Adams

Krista Canterbury Adams has studied poetry at Ohio Dominican University and The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Her poem “Resurrection” has been published in print and online. She has a six-poem series due to be printed this spring in AHF Magazine & has forthcoming work in His Dark Sire, Carmina, Collective Realms, and Children, Churches and Daddies magazines. She is a member of the SFPA.

Artwork: Chie Yoshii



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