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Noon of Night

Oh sisters dear, no more the stars,
No more the soft grass underfoot.
United then, we’d slip out from our window,
Step down into cool night worlds.

A dozen girls like flowers,
We were one bouquet of perfumed ardors in their arms.
In caverns lit by torches, jeweled trees in every color,
We reflected in each other, in their arms.

Oh sisters dear, no more the stars,
No more light slipper-silk worn through with whirling dance.
Only glow-worms light the caverns, only mosses grow.
And the twelve princes have all gone home.

Karie Jacobson

Karie Jacobson is a writer and musician with an MFA in Creative Writing from California Institute of the Arts (2021). She’s composing music for the second film by Christiane Cegavske, creator of the surreal dark Fairy Tale animated feature film Blood Tea and Red String. As the songwriter, singer, and guitar player for the band The Dagons, Jacobson wrote and recorded six albums. LA Weekly said her lyrics were “like Sylvia Plath reinventing Grimm’s Fairy Tales” and All Music Guide praised the band’s “unique, otherworldly feel.” Jacobson was awarded the CalArts Research and Practice Fellowship in 2019. She just completed a novel set in a Victorian world of séances and charlatans, and is working on a collection of poetry and stories.

Artwork: Lucia Giri, The Company

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