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Dear Eve

Those cracks below the surface
in the fatherland of fissures,
they belong to me.

Like a shaker dancing off
blemishes of being,
you’re my whirling state of praise
for shock-receiving capacity.

My neatly groomed fingers and toes
will not change how things end.
I’ll always remind you of Adam’s apple
falling from the tree

as your mouth signs my neck
with luminous,
gnashing teeth.

Daniel Edward Moore

Daniel Edward Moore lives in Washington on Whidbey Island. His poems are forthcoming in Lily Review, The Cape Rock, Notre Dame Review, Front Range Review, Ocotillo Review,Iron Horse Literary Review and Watershed Review. His book, Waxing the Dents was a finalist for the Brick Road Poetry Prize and published in 2020. His recent book, Psalmania was a finalist for the Four Way Books Levis Prize in Poetry.

Artwork: Chie Yoshii, Snake Charmer

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