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Lessons from a Glass Sarcophagus

Her name aggravates me most, as if I need to be told
what’s white and what isn’t.
~Thylias Moss  from “Lessons from a Mirror”


It’s not as easy as you think             Snow White
seemingly pure as the blood of Christ,

but really, it is a curse, an icicle hanging
off the Devil’s hot lip

(how I secretly wish to be devoured
how I secretly wish to burn)

Alyssa Yankwitt


Alyssa Yankwitt received an MFA from The City College of New York, where she teaches in the English department. She is a Staff Developer for Poetry Outreach, an organization bringing poetry into NYC schools. Most recently, her poems have appeared in Up the Staircase Quarterly, The Lake, Sein und Werden, Luciferous, Stone Highway Review, Halfway Down the Stairs, Bone Parade, and are forthcoming in Houston & Nomadic Voices and Red Paint Hill’s anthology, Mother Is a Verb. Alyssa has incurable wanderlust, enjoys drinking whiskey, hates writing about herself in third person, and loves a good disaster.

Artwork: Bahar, “Snow White”

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