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H’omme Fatale

Who have been your lovers? I shall count them all.
There was a maiden of the deep whose eyes glowed
With so many stars, that when she sang even
The fish would weep over her great beauty.
You loved another with hair like flames who
Danced on leaves, who fought with fists.
There was a widow, who painted canvasses with grief;
There was her daughter, who sighed on silken sheets.
A seer who knew you’d break her heart
decided to risk it, and loved you twice over.
A baker’s boy whose kisses were sweetened with candied violets
Gave you his virginity, —Fair courtesans loved you for free,
days, nights, and time in between!—Yes, you’ve had many,
But I know I can love you better.

Ellen Webre


Ellen Webre is a Southern Californian writer and artist who grew up with the influences of a multicultural heritage due to her Taiwanese mother and Russian-American father. As an only child, her mind was swept up in fiction, free to imagine the strange and wonderful. She is a regular at the Ugly Mug Poetry Readings and has performed as a feature for the Coffee Cartel. Her work has been published in Silver Birch Press, East Jasmine Review, Vine Leaves, Bitterzoet, Cactus Heart, Geek Girl, Inkblot, Calliope, and Hello Horror. Ellen is a staff writer for and her articles can be found at

Artwork: Christian Schloe, “close to you”

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