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Titania’s Adoption Papers

Please list your assets and/or gross family income: All the trees of the forest, all the moss of river stones, every mushroom, toadstool, lichen, all lesser fairies, every moth, cobweb, peaseblossom, mustard seed, all the stars that sparkle, every flower’s nectar, all nutshells, rainwater, honeycomb, tree blood.

Briefly describe your motives for seeking to adopt at this time: Because I’ve swallowed a well full of echoes. Because my rooms are painted red and sculpted with delicate bones. Because the space between desire and hope is roughly 20 inches. Because mammoths haven’t gone extinct in my veins. Because I’m an ocean with no whalesong, a river floating empty baskets of reeds.

If you are granted adoption privileges, how will you raise your adoptive child? Among birds and maiden hair ferns, among banyon roots and shining beetle carapaces, among grounded clouds and new lava, among sprites, genii, phantoms, kirin, fairy folk, among fences of trees and walls of air.

Dayna Patterson


Dayna Patterson resides in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters. Her work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in North American Review, Weave, Clover, Literary Mama, and REAL. She is the Poetry Editor for Psaltery & Lyre.

Artwork: Thomas Dodd, “Titania”



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