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Partial Transcript from Interview for Position of Magic Mirror’s Assistant

I’m not the nicest—never said I was; 
nor the fairest. Never aspired to be. 
Place myself in society’s bullseye—
worshipped, desired, coveted? 
I don’t think so. I think you missed

a giant X on my interview application.

See, right there: DOES NOT WANT TO BE 
ABOVE THE RADAR. Let’s review

the google analytics. I am one who

desires: anonymity, invisibility, power. 
The trio of the outlier. So,

will I happily parrot back answers

to the pretty, the fated, dimly lit?

Of course—just tell me what sweetener to use: 
sucrose, fructose, honey, stevia, sorghum, 
molasses, maple, saccharine, aspartame, 
and how much. I can shake in the slightest hint

of arsenic, belladonna, botulism—

no more than in an average Botox mix. 

My husband is a chemist; he’s trained me 
well. Titration, dosage, exposure—

Avoid the LD 50, except in populations 
you specifically rule out.

How do I feel re: the Elderly? 
I can: cull them, honor them, 
adore, worship, replace. 
There’s always fresh meat
in the nursery. Think carefully, though,
for I will do exactly as I’m told.

Lucy M. Logsdon

Lucy M. Logsdon resides in Southern Illinois where she raises chickens, ducks and other occasional creatures with her husband and two rebel step-grrrls. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous places, including: Nimrod, Heron Tree, Poet Lore, Crack the Spine, Literary Orphans, Rust+Moth, Thank You for Swallowing, and Pure Slush’s anthology, Freak. She has received nominations for both Best of the Net and Pushcart.

Artwork: Caryn Drexl, The Memory Collector – A walk down memory lane

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