Gingerbread House Lit Mag

a delightful interaction of short duration and infrequent occurrence

this year again     we approach second nature

delicate fabric         veils elaborately lift           drop

rosemary     mangoes     white wine

mutual mirrors filter         second guess   our lifetime growing up

no other person can place me                  so outside

hurt   me     you   all the same     all the more

generous for once         for now

unlike                  an old backlit photograph        we’re translucent

like a Turner I gazed at         yesterday

angel light                    glows from our center

orbits align                                      slip apart


Mori Glaser

Mori Glaser has roots in Scotland and Israel. Her varied career included blogging and writing for non-profits. Now in her 70th year, her poetry and flash have appeared over the past decade in a variety of journals including EclecticaSky Island (Best of the Net nomination)Eunoia Review; The Ekphrastic Review; UnbrokenBetween the Lines Anthology of Fairy Tales and Folklore Reimagined; The Molotov Cocktail’s Shadow Award (3rd prize).

Artwork:  J. M. W. Turner, “Norham Castle, Sunrise,” ca. 1845.



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