Gingerbread House Lit Mag

the juniper tree

the woman had
no name

save mother
if i had a name

she never used it
i imagined some

loving sounds
and whispered them

when i split
her wood

when she brought
the lid’s black mouth down

it did not take
off my head

she tried again
then used her weight

sat like a crow
atop the chest

to see
how open

my body
could be

how separate
was my head

from the bright
apple of my heart

Millie Tullis

Millie Tullis is an MFA poetry candidate at George Mason University. Her work has been published or is forthcoming in Sugar House Review, Rock & Sling, Cimarron Review, Ninth Letter, Juked, Psaltery & Lyre, and elsewhere. She serves as the Assistant Editor for Best of the Net and Poetry Editor and Social Media Manager for Phoebe. You can find her on twitter @millie_tullis.

Artwork: Laura Makabresku

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