Gingerbread House Lit Mag

Brooklyn Museum, At Night

We visit rooms
that look just like rooms
of houses from long ago.

Eating candied orange peel
and ginger
on porcelain blue plates,
we talk about time.

It is preserved in the
spinning wheel sitting
alone at the corner

where sleeping beauty,
dressed in moths and thread,
reminds us to avoid
needles and soporific pills.

Too many mint juleps
and the room begins to feel
like a glass box,
trees and dwarfs

peering through the windows;
ethereal princes at our hems.

Callie Plaxco

As her grandmother once said, Callie Plaxco flew the coop when she left South Carolina to journey west to the University of Wyoming for her MFA. She currently stays home with her two small children and sometimes writes poetry when they are napping. Her chapbook, Dear Person, is published by Dancing Girl Press. Her work has also been published at Carve Magazine, Tinderbox Poetry Journal, Poached Hare and Axe Factory. Visit for more information.

Artwork: Natalia Drepina

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