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Swarming comets & comments moons too many mouths twisting & still speaking in seven flicks of tongue seven tremors one of seven dead girls bodies all hyperextended joints & angles something deliberate is happening I met an uncivilized version of myself in a dream

seeking the word that yearns to be written I howl as only those of the underworld can pathologically all poets are somewhere on the spectrum precise I write in spit or scribble in blood glove fingertips in India ink to leave a stain intent is significant focus sincere

I raise a glass to the dead stars that bore me & the thunderstorm violence that unleashes me

I am the kindling
the flame
the burning

Susen James

Susen James is a magickal old lady writes poetry to keep herself somewhat sane.  She spends the time she’s not mixing herbal potions, teaching poetry, fantasy literature & mythology at Columbia College in Chicago. 

Artwork: David Feingold

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